Homeless Youth Pursuing Education

HYPE is a program for homeless, low-income, or at risk youth and young adults ages 16-30 whose education has been derailed or interrupted by trauma or poverty. We serve non-traditional students who need extra support throughout the college education process.

Our education advocates sit with participants and help them to set goals and make a plan, fully putting them in the driver’s seat, and helping as they navigate the education system.

Our advocates are experts in navigating the financial aid/college systems and are available to work with students throughout the entire college experience as little or as much as the student wants. CORE believes everyone deserves access to education; all of our services are completely free.

HYPE services include:
GED navigation
College readiness/prep
Scholarship navigation
Career counseling

If you are between the ages of 16-30 years old and are interested in HYPE services please contact us here or via any of our social media accounts.


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