Tonight is bittersweet, Its our last night doing dinner support to hotels and tomorrow is the last day for most of the hotel peeps. We put 43 people in hotels, most of them were able to stay over a week. In addition to this be provided meal support since 9/12/2020 for 12 other people who were in hotels; some were evacuates and, some were just people we encountered. Throughout this process we have developed new partnerships, built on current collaborations, been able to develop deeper relationships with the people we serve, and it has been blatantly obvious that there is a lack of a safety net for folks who need services the most. There is still a lot of work to be done, and we need to do better!!! Truly we couldnt have done this without our community. We can’t describe how thankful we are for party downtown they cooked a majority of the meals and helped introduce us to critical other restaurants and food sources. Most of the farms were evacuated and still donated hundreds of pounds of produce. Thank you to Organic Redneck, Pk Pastures, Friendly Street Market, Moon Dog Farms, Hummingbird Whole Sale, Loud Pond farm, and Ginger roots for donating ingredients. Restaurants in Eugene have already been hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this Hey Neighbor, Erins Table, Morning Glory, Noisette Bakery, Laughing Planet, Party Downtown and How to cooking school all stepped up and volunteered to cook meals for the folks we had in hotels and street outreach efforts. Over the last 10+ days they cooked 750+ meals. Some of our community members: Steve/Susan, Ethan, and Carly + her comrades all helped us make over 208 amount of snack packs Our comrades at PDX mutual aid, Lane County Mutual aid and Stop death on the Streets provided clothes, survival supplies, medical supplies and other resources. People who donated via venmo, amazon, or fundly, thank you. United Way thank you for choosing us as one of the recipients of the wildfire fund. MRG thank you for always being there for us and talking us giving us advice. Damey thank you for everything and being a powerhouse. Lastly to CORE advocates Jessie, Brandy, Ericka, Bre, BTSA staff Mackenzie, Dr. Leah Jo, Dr. Wiley, Dr. Devin, Brittany, Bridgette, Bex and Sophia. All of you trooped through this week and are just amazing forces of nature.

Works cannot describe how thankful we are for all of you. This work is not easy and we are really just getting started.

Love, Rage and Solidarity,

Brittiny, and Dylan

Transparency Document

The much awaited financial transparency doc is here. @blackthistle.streetaid team and @core.eugene have been working non-stop the past 10+ days in response to the air quality. Thanks to this amazing community’s support, they are accomplishing a lot! We want to be transparent and show you how all of your financial contributions the past days are being used. ☆ Link is in our bio ☆ Our fundraiser is still going, and we’ve almost reached our goal! Thank you for your continued support!! #communitycares #streetoutreach #communitysupport #eugeneoregon #eugene #oregon #lanecounty #willamettevalley #housingisahumanright #wildfiresoregon #grassroots #collaboration #wherethemoneygoes #fundraiser

Street Feed August 28th

CORE is happy to announce that Street Feed will be going back inside to our original location at Spectrum, located at 150 W. Broadway in Eugene. Dinner will be from 5-7 and anyone between the ages of 16 and 24 are welcome to come. If there are leftovers we will take plates out to the older folks in our community when Street Feed is over.

More info on Street Feed

COVID-19 Response

Community! Sorry we have been offline. We have been busy with our COVID-19 response. For the last 5 weeks we have been doing Mobile Street Feed.

Mobile Street Feed is a mash up of our Street Outreach Alliance Project (SOAP) and Street Feed program. We hit the streets every Sunday with hot food and survival supplies. Currently we are targeting camps that have youth and young adults in them ages 16-30, however we are providing food to anyone in need. We will be doing this for the foreseeable future until Oregon’s stay at home order has been lifted and we can safely take street feed back inside.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude from the support we received from our community and especially from United Way of Lane County, MRG foundation and OCF foundation over the last few months. All three of these organizations have have provided grants through community response funds to support our COVID-19 response. We would have not been able to do this as efficiently or effectively with out the support of these organizations. Thank you to our community for your continued support during these trying times.

CORE will be making meals each weekend and taking them to the streets. Contact us at 541CORE@gmail.com or on any of our social media for more information!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

Helen Keller.