Street Feed Advocate

Zora was born in Seattle, Washington, fun fact she was born at the same hospital as her mom.  Zora currently lives in Eugene. She cohabitates with her three legged pitbull named Mr. Rae Rae. Her favorite thing about Eugene is the ability to get around. In her spare time she likes to draw, paint and listening to music. Her few of her favorite musicians are 30 seconds to mars, three days grace, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez (aka the OG Selena) and Rhianna.

How/why did you get involved with CORE? I got involved with CORE because both of my parents are the founders of CORE. I like volunteering at street feed because it helps a lot of kids who are hungry, and don’t have a safe place to go. 

What inspires you? My friends inspire me, because they are always there for me. 

What is your spirit animal? A trash panda because I am mischievous. 

What are your long term goals? Getting through school because it is mandatory, at least that is what my mom says. Making some goals because I haven’t really thought about it until now.

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