Street Feed Advocate

Sanyelle is a reformed Hoosier, cat mom, and a grad student. She loves social justice, the paranormal and pagan spirituality.  She hopes to get abducted by aliens someday. (We also hope her dream of alien abduction comes true). In her spare time she practices astrology and tarot. Her other hobbies include telling her cats how cute/wonderful/perfect they are. Sanyelle’s favorites books are sci-fi & fantasy and anything witchy.

How/why did you get involved with CORE? Brittiny made me. Jk. For real though, I find the work that Brittiny and Dylan are doing to be very inspiring, and I super appreciate the population we work with and love finding different ways to work with and alongside the youth population here in Eugene.

What inspires you? Radical resistance, dismantling oppressive systems, my friends, colleagues and clients, the moon, planets and stars.

What’s your superpower? I’m an Aquarius, which in and of itself is a super power.

What are some of your goals ? Alien abduction, an MSW, flexing my oracle skills and continuing to do work that challenges our community’s status quo.

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