General Manager of Spectrum Eugene, Street Feed Advocate

Jen is the General Manager of Spectrum in Eugene, Oregon.  More than just a gay bar, Spectrum is a safe space for all humans to have great food and drinks, and attend fabulous events.  When Jen is not running the coolest spot in Eugene she is supporting queer and trans causes, finding ways to lessen food waste, appreciating art and music, laughing loudly and often, and generally loving life. 

How/why did you get involved with CORE? I believed in the mission of CORE from the moment I met Brittiny.  She walks in to Spectrum in her punk rock vest, talking about community outreach through radical empowerment, and I’m like, yeah she looks like a community member on a radical mission.  Hell yeah! Someone with such vision, energy, and empathy is beyond inspiring. I thought to myself I’m either going to be all about this mission, or I’m going to have to step out of the way because, she’s going to make it happen whether I helped or not.

What inspires you? People giving the world the best version of what they have to offer.  Everyone has something to contribute; art, food, love.

Food for thought… I spend a LOT of time thinking about whether the ghost pirates on Scooby Doo were pirates before they died, or if the pirate life was what they chose after death.

What are some of your long term goals? Start a food recycling program in lane county that links whole and prepped food waste with organizations in need, such as sober living homes, shelters, group homes.

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