Street Feed Advocate

Breanna was born and raised in Eugene, OR. She is passionate about helping this community and serving underserved populations, regardless of the way they show up for services. She knows that people speak the loudest when they are trying to be heard, and she wants to listen.In her spare time she reads, writes, hangs out with her friends, and is engaged in the recovery community. 

How/why did you get involved with CORE? I wanted to get involved with core because it was a vastly underrepresented population being served and the agency does extremely important work.

What inspires you? Seeing people find a way to live their lives that works for them and makes them feel fulfilled, regardless of others’ expectations.

What’s your superpower? Breanna did not want us to know her secret super power 

What are your long term goals ? My goal is to achieve life balance, wherever I end up.

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