CORE is in the news!

Solution Shapers: Brittiny Raine and Dylan Weil — Catch the kids falling through the cracks

By Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

New Lane County group CORE seeks to provide resources to homeless youth

Co-founder of Community Outreach Through Radical Empowerment Brittiny Raine had to grow up fast — so as an adult, she has patience for all kinds of kids.

Raine was homeless in Seattle from age 12 to 17. In the moments she didn’t feel ignored, she felt patronized and harassed. Despite dropping out of school in the eighth grade, she eventually completed her bachelor’s degree and decided to go into social work. While working in Seattle-area shelters and programming, she ran into the same frustrating bureaucratic limitations she saw as a child. Raine wanted to make an organization her own — one that served kids without an agenda.

CORE’s other founder, Dylan Weil, worked in food service before he met Raine. In restaurant kitchens in Seattle, he said he witnessed massive food waste while people outside struggled to eat — it was there that his dream of finding a way to feed people for free was born.

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